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YZA, ⴰⵣⵉ, ييزة

YZA, Berber female first name, to signify a return to basics, a quest for authenticity and timeless elegance. A demand for style and meaning. A first name that means power, strength, determination.

Like the women artisans who weave for hours, with talent and patience, unknowingly perpetuating a treasure of humanity, a craft of art in harmony with nature.

Nawal & YZA

Born under the palm trees of Marrakech, surrounded by Berber women, proud, free, independent, the creator of YZA, Nawal Rmili, began her career as a stylist assistant for several Parisian publications such as Vogue, Double, ID, Glamour, Grazia , Marie-Claire etc.

In this universe was born the need to contribute in order to restore meaning to the fashion that she highlights in these magazines. YZA, a long-term project, is the culmination of a devouring passion for artistic craftsmanship and the quest for a more authentic and fairer industry.

The universe of YZA & its partners


By purchasing a YZA basket, you are helping to empower the Berber women weavers of Marrakech. To enable them to become autonomous and achieve financial independence, we have chosen to pay them twice the market price. And with them, we have big plans...

Local plant fibers

Our products are all made with plant fibers that the locals collect by hand several times a year. We are currently working with date palm and raffia, whose branches must be pruned regularly to allow it to grow. To respect the nature's cycle, our production is in very small quantities.

Medina cooperatives

Our bags are assembled and finished in leather and therefore require the intervention of a leather worker. For this, we call on a small family cooperative which has a workshop in the medina of Marrakech. Here again, we make sure that the remuneration is fair and above the market.

Leather from the tanners

Although we would like to turn to plant-based leather, the information and infrastructures necessary for a truly ecological choice do not yet exist. We therefore made the choice of local and solidarity and turned to the talented traditional tanners from whom we buy offcuts.

These artistic crafts that we preserve and develop


Leather work

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