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Experiment with basketry.

Born under the palm trees of Marrakech, surrounded by proud, free and independent Berber women, the creator of YZA, Nawal Rmili, began her career as a stylist assistant for several Parisian publications such as Vogue, Double, I-D, Glamour, Grazia, Marie-Claire etc.

From there was born the need to give new meaning to the fashion that she used to put forward in these magazines. YZA, a long-cherished project, is the culmination of an all-consuming passion for fine craftsmanship and the quest for a more authentic and fairer industry.

Experimenting with basketry.

Passionate about traditional crafts, Nawal loves experimenting with particular art techniques. What she admires more than anything are the small imperfections and patience of the handmade. She thus set her sights on the art of basketry, very present in Marrakech, which she learned from local merchants.

For months, she studied objects, shapes, different weaving techniques... and finally chose to challenge the beach basket. The classic. The one that is indispensable in summer and that reminds us of sunny days in winter. A Proust's madeleine of modern fashion.

In search of craftswomen.

In 2021, the project was launched. In order to bring the basket she had imagined to life, Nawal inquires with merchants in the medina. Not wishing to divulge the name of their suppliers, it is then necessary to go through the douars and villages of the region of Marrakech in the hope of finding craftswomen. What followed were truly enriching encounters and a new partnership that we are proud to highlight.

La Vague, an impossible icon?

Nawal has an idea in mind. A curve, an undulation, a… wave. A "flaw", at the top of traditional baskets, different every time but always the same. A flaw to magnify, to appropriate, to sublimate… This is how La Vague was born, an iconic model, highlighting in an unprecedented and elegant way the raw authenticity of this craft in perdition.
Once the shape was imagined, the design finalized, the templates were ready. The craftswomen set to work and… quickly concluded that the project was a failure. We didn't have the right method, we will have to cut out a pattern, assemble with leather... A leatherworker's job!

The copy & the craftsman

After dozens of refusals from cooperatives and refusing to go through an industrialist who would impose his opacity on us, we were ready to abandon the project. Back in Marrakech after a mission in Paris, Nawal goes to the medina to visit a few workshops one last time. In a store, she raises her eyes to the ceiling and sees: La Vague.
She grabs it and pulls out her tape measure. It was the dimensions of her drawing. It was her bag, the same shape, the same details. The drawing had circulated between the workshops, which, faced with its complexity, were daring each other to make it. This is how Nawal met Badr, the leather cooperative owner with whom YZA now works. A disappointment, which became a happy surprise. We finally had a partner ready to follow us in our crazy ideas... and that was just the beginning!

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